Future web design trends – 2016


Since responsive web design has come about we’ve been used to seeing BIG Hero images at the top of the site and has become more and more popular. Don’t get me wrong I like it, I also do the big hero image but this hasn’t moved forward enough (in my eyes). I’ve seen a few designs where the designers tried do do something new but hasn’t really been adapted by the masses.

Here’s a few key points about Hero sections on web designs:

  1. the image has to be relative to the site or business and not just use stock images for the sake of it. For example when you look at a designer portfolio and the first thing you see is a background image of a desk, laptop, tablet and a coffee on the table I end up thinking is this the the designers equipment….Hold on I’ve seen this image before on other sites… so no its not. 
  2. Needs to be eye catchy.
  3. Needs a clear call to action.
  4. Explain to the user what your message is, weather its text explaining the message or use the image space.

Overall I think the Hero section can be good and have great visual impact, but lets be honest its been done thousands of times and some may say its a lazy way to doing things. 

So what do I think we replace the Hero section in 2016….

Nothing, I think BIG background images are going to carry on for a few more years but I’m hope to see more illustrations come into action rather than stock images which is already taking place.






Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 13.50.34









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